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Equipment Management

LiNil Visiting Nurses provides Equipment Management. Healthcare Technology Management (also referred to as biomed, biomedical engineering, bio-medical engineering, biomedical equipment management, biomedical equipment services, biomedical maintenance, clinical engineering, clinical engineering management, clinical equipment management, clinical technology management, clinical technology services, medical equipment management, and medical equipment repair), is a fundamental part of managing, maintaining, and/or designing medical devices used or proposed for use in various healthcare settings from the home, the field, the doctor's office, and the hospital.

It includes the business processes used in interaction and oversight of the medical equipment involved in the diagnosis, treatment, and monitoring of patients. The related policies and procedures govern activities such as the selection, planning, and acquisition of medical devices. through to the incoming inspection, acceptance, maintenance, and eventual retirement and disposal of medical equipment. Medical equipment management is a recognized profession within the medical logistics domain. The healthcare technology management professional's purpose is to ensure that equipment and systems used in patient care are operational, safe, and properly configured to meet the mission of the healthcare; that the equipment is used in an effective way consistent with the highest standards of care by educating the healthcare provider, equipment user, and patient; that the equipment is designed to limit the potential for loss, harm, or damage to the patient, provider, visitor, and facilities through various means of analysis prior to and during acquisition, monitoring and foreseeing problems during the lifecycle of the equipment, and collaborating with the parties who manufacturer, design, regulate, or recommend safe medical devices and systems.

Some but not all of the healthcare technology management professional's functions are:

  • Equipment Control & Asset Management
  • Equipment Inventories
  • Work Order Management
  • Data Quality Management
  • Equipment Maintenance Management
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Personnel Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Patient Safety
  • Risk Management
  • Hospital Safety Programs
  • Radiation Safety
  • Medical Gas Systems
  • In-Service Education & Training
  • Accident Investigation
  • Analysis of Failures, Root-Causes, and Human Factors
  • Safe Medical Devices Act (SMDA) of 1990
  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)
  • Careers in Facilities Management

LiNil Visiting Nurses Home Care's mission is to promote excellence in Equipment Management. Call us today to discuss your Equipment Management needs.